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Hana Abouzeid
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The AZ Ophtalmologie Office

If you make an appointment at the office, you will be quickly welcomed by Doctor Abouzeid or any other member of the team. For us, each patient is unique, so you will be taken care of in a personalized way according to your problem.

Our engagement :

Delivering excellence in ophthalmology at the service of your eyes.

Our vision :

Our vision is to improve or maintain excellent eyesight for every patient, where medical or surgical treatment decisions are based not only on evidence-based data, but also on the human considerations of each patient.

Our approach

The combination of evidence-based medicine and “smarter medicine” makes it possible to provide better quality care to patients, by limiting the potentially harmful human cost and the excessive financial cost.

Our practice is based on modern medicine and based on evidence (Evidence-Based-Medicine), resulting from systematic clinical studies for the decision-making concerning the care to be provided to each patient.
We make it a point of honor to use an ultra-modern technical platform to meet our objectives. In the same perspective, AZ Ophtalmologie is a fully computerized office.


Our medical ethics are high, based on the principles of the Hippocratic oath in the first place “primum non nocere”, do no harm to the patient, and on the Swiss Oath. We make decisions based on medical evidence, on an optimal balance between cost, whether human or financial, and effectiveness, by measuring the risks and benefits for each patient, in its specificity and its entirety. Each patient is welcomed without regard to gender, disability, creed, sexual orientation, political affiliation, ethnic origin, social status, insurance coverage or nationality.
Everyone measures the medical, ethical and human responsibility that is theirs in the care given to the patient and in the chain of teamwork. We exercise our profession as closely as possible to our conscience to honor the trust that each patient gives us to treat him. Integrity and responsibility go hand in hand. We seek to achieve our vision while respecting our values. Each member of the team is responsible for each act performed.
It is part of our mission to provide state-of-the-art care for eye diseases, using the treatments most suited to the specific needs of each patient. To do this, we have a team that has high-level training in each area, extensive experience and that makes it a point of honor to follow continuing education and renowned international congresses each year. Our technical platform is one of the most modern, and develops at the rate of medical and surgical innovations.

When to consult us?

A first consultation is recommended for children without risk factors at the age of 4 years. If risk factors are present (family, amblyopia, strabismus, others), a consultation is necessary as soon as possible. The follow-up will then be adapted according to the examination carried out.

  • From 20 to 45 years old: every 3 years
  • From 45-50 years old: every two or three years. The occurrence of presbyopia should be an opportunity for control, especially for those who did not wear glasses before
  • After age 65: at least every two years