The AZ Ophtalmologie practice welcomes you by appointment to treat eye diseases requiring medical, surgical or laser treatment. A first-class technical platform equipped with the most modern and reliable devices is available.

AZ Ophtalmologie is located at Rue Robert-Céard, in the heart of the city, between rue du Rhône and place du Molard.

Our examination devices

Discover our state-of-the-art devices to effectively treat your eyesight.


This recently launched device performs electronic measurement of ocular refraction of corneal curvature and intraocular pressure, on both eyes simultaneously and in less than one second.

The four measurements are grouped together in a single machine to give better comfort to the patient.


Very fast device for measuring the power of spectacle lenses. It also measures the category of the lens and its distortion as well as the UV transmission.

Polarized LCD Smart Auto Refractor

The combination of these two complete and fast devices makes it possible to know precisely the vision and the visual functions such as the vision of contrasts for example. The use of automatic and digital equipment allows greater objectivity and reproducibility of measurements, as opposed to manual measurements.


The biomicroscope is a microscope equipped with a light slit that allows each part of the eye to be individually illuminated and studied, from the cornea to the retina. The optical resolution of the microscope is 10 microns, which allows the practitioner a very precise examination.

Additional tests

Discover our state-of-the-art devices for carrying out additional examinations.

Projection perimeter

This device examines the complete visual field of each eye when the eye is stationary and looks at a point of light in front. Useful for driving license examinations but especially for the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma and neurological pathologies. It has a sophisticated range of assessment strategies essential to glaucoma specialists.


OCT or optical coherence tomography makes it possible to measure in real time the thickness of the retina with a resolution of a few microns, and to detect common pathologies of the retina but also of the optic nerve. It has become an important state-of-the-art examination for screening and monitoring glaucoma, diabetes, or age-related macular degeneration, among other pathologies.

Corneal topography

Allows to automatically collect and analyze information relating to the curvature of the cornea, the images then allow the surgeon to follow a pathology of the cornea or to precisely program a refractive surgery, with or without implant, or cataract with implant for astigmatism.

Ocular biometer

The ocular biometer allows the measurement of certain dimensions of the eye such as its axial length, or the curvature of the cornea, which will be used to calculate the power of the intraocular implant which will replace the lens during cataract surgery. .

Endothelial counter

It allows the counting of cells of the posterior cornea per mm2 which is necessary in the event of placement of an implant in the anterior chamber of the eye for example.

Therapeutic devices

Discover our therapeutic devices.

YAG Laser

The Nd:YAG laser is used in ophthalmology to make an opening in the secondary veil which can form months or years after cataract surgery or to make an opening in the iris for the treatment of glaucoma, to name a few the main indications of this device.


The SLT laser is a treatment of choice for glaucoma which lowers intraocular pressure by applying laser impacts in the trabecular meshwork, the ocular tissue responsible for the evacuation of aqueous humor from the eye.